We are two friends, blondes, and colleagues whose lives came together at the right place and the right time. We’ve worked together, vacationed together, and shared hundreds of ideas. Our better halves are best friends, our dogs are playmates, and even our pet fishies are buds. Some would say it's not a good idea to go into business with one of your best friends, however, we could't disagree more. We are the perfect mix of opposites, the ying and yang and though different in lots of ways, balance each other out to be amazing business partners!


We took a leap of faith to start Twigs & Birch for another way to reflect our passion of creating things and connect to others in a fun, simple way. We feel our products can be a conversation starter with a stranger in a world that's glued to their phones, they can put a smile on someone's face for a fun celebration or "just because" gift or create a memory for the big moments in life such as weddings! Lastly, our hope is you enjoy your merch and come back soon to Twigs & Birch!


aka Tara, Co-Owner 

Logistics, numbers and

details are my forte

I'm also a...

Conference & Events Service Manager

Taco lover, Cheese Lover,

& Wine Lover

            Sometimes Gym-goer             {because of the above loves}

STL Cardinals Baseball zealot

Animal lover

Very loud talker

{with a bit of a Sailor's mouth}

I love to...

Watch funny animal videos

Wear Yoga pants

Go on weekend getaways

Sunbathe on the beach

Shop {I can't pass up a good deal}

Animal I'm most like...

Shark, I never stop moving! My boyfriend actually gave me that nickname since sharks die if they stop swimming (or so he says) LOL

Favorite product of ours...

I love our large 2-pocket totes! They are heavier material and can hold a lot of groceries (aka wine) ;) 

And of course, our tiny Tooth Fairy Bags! They are just too cute

to pass up!! 

aka Brittany, Co-Owner 

Creativity, branding and idea making are my passions.

I'm also a...

Conference & Event Sales Manager

Chips & Salsa junkie

{does Cookiedough also count as a favorite meal!?}

Not a gym-goer {but wants to be, well, tries to be, well...maybe one day}

Animal lover

UF Gator Football fan

I love to...

Watch makeup tutorials

Snuggle with my fur-baby

Host themed parties


Animal I'm most like...

Maybe a Dolphin, I'm fun and playful

My hubby compares me to the

black cat from Pepe Le Pew and him being Pepe {haha}

Favorite product of ours...

I have a special place in my heart for the Custom Wedding Welcome Bags since I was obsessed with the ones we made for my personal wedding and my guests raved about them. The welcome bags included state of Florida for our "old FL themed wedding" and our wedding weekend hashtag. {swoon!}



I'd take a

nerf bullet

for you